Monday, November 12, 2012

San Diego

Hi Sea Fans!

While travelling through California I got to stop over in San Diego to visit Keli, the illustrator of my books.  It was so cool, she took me to her office to show me what she gets up to when she's not drawing pictures for me.
Me and Keli.
These days, she says that a typical day at work includes doing some web design - maybe coming up with a promotional banner or email campaign - then doing some vinyl lettering for a window display, then creating a logo for a new restaurant on campus, and then she might design the menu boards. 
I loved the way Keli kept notes for herself on colourful sticky notes on her computer screen.
Her office is on a university campus and her department is responsible for creating all the signage and artwork that one would see - posters, 

promotions, window displays, 

you name it! 

She says, "It's a fun, fulfilling job as I'm always doing something different. I also manage to incorporate character design and illustration, like the 'Obama/Romney as Halloween characters' display I worked on."

Sounds like she's having fun at work, like I do!  Nothing better than really enjoying what you do for a spend most of your time at work so it may as well be fun, right Sea Fans?!

Chat soon.