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Sea Fans, our planet is in need of our help.  All the rubbish that goes to the dumps lands up in the ground and the last thing we need is for rain to wash all the bad stuff that comes out of our rubbish into the sea.  Instead of dumping everything, why not RECYCLE.  Recycling is here to stay so why not jump in and do your bit!

Batteries and light bulbs used to be a problem, but now Builders' Warehouse has a special box for them.  Please visit your closest BW with Dad (I'm sure your dad will love the company) and take the old batteries and light bulbs with you rather than throwing them in the bin with everything else at home.  Even rechargeable batteries don't live forever so recycle those too! 

Incredible Connection has ink cartrdige recycling bins and some of the Inky shops that refill cartrdiges will recycle old ones for you that can't be refilled anymore.

Let me know of other recycling boxes that you know of and I'll post them here.

REUSE, reduce, recycle - that's what we're told so I've shown you recycling but what about reusing?  Well, have  look at this:

Show your mom, I'm sure she'll appreciate this new way of closing packets.  Just cut the top of a used plastic bottle (clean and dry) off, push the open end of the bag through the neck of the bottle and out over the edge, fasten the lid over the packet onto the bottle top and you have an airtight clothes pegs needed!

REDUCE - use fewer plastic bags!!!  There are so many funky material/reuseable bags out there now or even better, use a basket or a box.  Fruit & Veg City in South Africa reuse the boxes that the produce comes in as carriers for shoppers to take their goodies home in.  Go F & V!

Any more ideas Sea Fans?  Send them to me at and I'll post them here.