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4 of the many sea creatures available in the craft kits.



1. Use 1 orange, 1 black and 1 white chenille stick (CS)

2. Wind the black CS around a pen 5 times, leaving a short straight piece at the end for the wings (if you'd like, you can wind the entire CS and use a separate one for the wings)

3. Cut the straight piece off and bend it in half for wings.

4. Bend each side around your finger to make a loop and twist the ends around the middle to attach.

5. Push these wings into the coil made earlier about 1/4 of the way down (about 2 twirls)...all the way through to the other side so that they stay in place.

6. Cut a white piece of CS and bend in half.

7. Bend both ends over slightly so that they can hook onto the twirls of the black coil made earlier (at the bottom and just below the first or second twirl to leave space for a beak).

8. Put aside and make the feet with an orange CS. Bend the end of the orange CS in 3 waves as shown,

squeeze them together as shown and you have your first foot (curling the end around the base of the foot will hold it in place).

9. About 1 cm away from the foot, bend the CS and form the second foot about 1cm from that as shown:

10. Twist the end around the second foot so that it can be bent upward from the middle of the feet and put this end into the bottom of the penguin so that the tip pokes out underneath the first twirl of the black coil body (leaving space for eyes) as shown:

11. When the feet are in the correct place at the bottom, bend the beak as shown and trim any excess.

12. Glue on eyes and you have a penguin!

A Craft I found on the internet - looks like fun: