Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hi Sea Fans!

How funny...I've just been past the fish kitchen and saw a whole bunch of kids
on a behind-the-scenes tour holding their noses!  They think that it stinks - ha
ha ha!  We've all gotten so used to the smell of fish that we don't smell it
anymore.  Fresh fish doesn't smell fishy, but our fish bins that have been sitting
with old bits in for a day don't smell as fresh.

That smell must really stick to us because I've even had a shopkeeper crinkle
up her nose and sniff the air like there's something stinky when I've gone to pay
for something - not great, but if she knew what I got to do all day, I'm sure
she'd wish she could smell like me! : )  Smelling like fish is a small price to pay
when you get to work with turtles,
A baby turtle we rehabilitated and released back into the sea when it was bigger.
Watching a baby penguin grow up is so fulfilling and rewarding.
Hiding mussels and urchins in the sand for these guys makes them look for their food the way they would in the wild.  Very entertaining for the public!
and other amazing animals.
See the pink wormy thing on his head?  That's what he uses as bait.  He wriggles it around to lure food fish closer and when they're close enough...he gobbles them up.
The musselcracker...boy, does this guy have some serious teeth!
A pop-eyed scorpionfish.  They sit so still and then when prey swim by, they're lightning fast!
Enjoy visiting your local aquarium and checking out the hidden lives of all the fishies Sea Fans!  

Chat soon.

}( *)8