Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi Sea Fans!

Welcome to 2011.  Today is a strange date, did you know that it is 11/1/11?  Weird hey? : )
Anyway, seeing as it's a new year, let's do a summary of Abby in 2010.

Abby was printed in March.

The first book was also launched in Malaysia in March.

April saw Abby launched in South Africa.

In May, Abby was at the SASOL Bird Fair.

Rave book reviews started coming in for Abby in June.

Abby was at the Cape Town Book Fair and the craft kits made their first appearance in July.

Abby appeared on the shelf in Canada for the first time in August.

Abby went around KwaZulu-Natal schools in September.

October was Marine Week, an important time for Abby.  Yebo Gogga and Kirstenbosch Market is where you could find the author and Abby books.

School presentations were held up until November.

December saw an international agent request 40 copies of Abby "to start with", Abby's Aquarium Adventures was in the Top 10 Best Children's Books in South Africa for 2010 and Abby readings took place at the Two Oceans Aquarium as part of the holiday programme.

So all in all, it was a busy year and this is only what happened with my book, not even all the things that happened in the aquarium!  But that list would be WAY too long so I'll keep those stories for another time.

Have a great week and 2011 Sea Fans.
}( *)8

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