Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Squirt squirt blow!

Hi Sea Fans!

Strange title I know, but you'll understand in a minute.

I was explaining something to members of the public yesterday and realised that I haven't told you guys about it.  Do you know that fish like the boxfish blow at the sand to uncover their food?  Well, do you want to know something even more interesting? .....Our boxfish got used to food dropping into the water from the surface so what he started doing was spitting water at us like a fountain (blowing the water surface for food).  Cute, but this is of course not what we wanted, so we had to make a plan.  Now our boxfish gets food buried under the sand and he loves it!  Instead of blowing water at the surface, now he blows the sand like he naturally would and the public get to see how boxfish feed out at sea.

Just another little morsel of behind-the-scenes information for you. : )
Have a great week Sea Fans.
}( *)8

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