Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hi Sea Fans!

It's been 2 weeks, I know - sorry about that, but things have been hectic.  Now I have a bit of time to get an update out because, as you know, I'm off to Alaska and I need something to do at the airports.

First it was the Whale Festival in Hermanus, then Yebo Gogga for 5 days in Joburg, then the Joburg Homeschool Expo and then Heidi did a reading at the Book Lounge.  Here are some pics of the fun (hopefully you saw the crafts we did on my Facebook page!):

Hermanus Whale Festival: Renee from the Two Oceans Aquarium told us a bit more about plastic pollution and showed us her bag (blue with fish) that's a recycled aquarium flag.
Can you believe that this is plastic found on just one South African beach - I'm glad I take part in beach clean-ups!! (Photo: Maleen/Marine Photobank)
Hermanus Whale Festival - they had a cartoonist showing kids how to draw marine animals.

Hermanus Whale Festival: Meredith Thornton from the Marine Mammal Department of the Iziko Museum gave an interesting talk about whale research that she's done.

 Heidi talking to hundreds of people at Yebo Gogga about predators, school groups included!
 So as you can see, we've been busy, but I haven't forgotten about you Sea Fans!  Have a great week and we'll chat soon.

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