Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aquarist accidents

Hi Sea Fans!

It's been such fun watching other people do what I do...I miss all the fun.  Sometimes the fun can go a bit wrong though and an incident I recently saw reminded me of this.

Aquarists are always carrying heavy things like buckets of water and bags of sand, they're often up ladders and in small, tucked away places, they work in and around water and electricity every day and they are almost always walking over slippery surfaces.  This is a recipe for disaster right? Well, it is for some people more than others.  I know an aquarist back home who manages to hurt himself every few months, whether it's slipping down the stairs with his dive cylinder on his back, being bitten by the usually docile (relaxed) Tawny Nurse Shark, falling off a ladder, having a gate fall on him, getting stuck in a small space or being stung by the jellyfish.  Whatever the accident, it's usually him.  I've often suggested that he get a padded uniform to protect him as a joke, but sometimes I think it would help!

Anyway, the incident I was talking about this time involved a baby crocodile.

 Small, cute, lying still...not a picture for disaster you say, but you never know!  The aquarists needed to feed the new babies by hand to ensure that they were eating. Lots of the new animals need special attention like this and aquarists come to the rescue.  The crocs weren't too happy with being handled on this occasion though and one took a nice little taster snap at the hands feeding him...a few stitches later and that aquarist was back at work and ready to try again.  You can't fault him for his dedication and love for the animal!
The moral of the story is: Be careful when you do things and please, Sea Fans, be aware of working around water.  Some people are scared of sharks, but water itself can be more scary.

Just my 2 cents worth this week.  Have a good one Sea Fans!
Abby }(*)8


  1. pooop i had a pet caiman and i still have scars from it biting my face i had to go to the hospital and i cant see out of one eye...dont keep as pet

  2. I don't recommend having a Caiman croc as a pet either! :)