Friday, January 18, 2013

Otterly confused

Hi Sea Fans!

I've been travelling for over a year now and I've met some amazing people who love what they do and the animals they care for but I must tell you, home is a great place.  When I call my friends in South Africa there's always an interesting animal story to be told.  Where else do you find baboon troups wandering the streets like gangsters, Vervet monkeys stealing food from kitchens, hippos pitching up at your back door (given, this was at a friend's house who works for Nature Conservation), traffic jams caused by whales and Dassies (a Rock Hyrax) eating your lunch?!  And the latest story is that an otter walked into a restaurant in Cape Town.  Man, they must have been serving really fresh "Catch of the Day"!

The otterly confused restaurant patron. (Photo from the Divesite website).
Apparently, the otter walked straight through the front door!!  Not only did it make a high profile entrance, but it walked straight over the cocktail waitress's feet and went and hid under a cupboard....leaving it's tail sticking out for everyone to see.  I don't think this otter knows how Hide and Seek works. : )

Anyway, after causing a bit of chaos amongst the staff, the local retired harbour master was called in to help catch the "guest" but his attempts ended up with a chunk bitten out of a broom.

Yum, yum, a broom!  
The SPCA were eventually called in to help and they managed to catch the confused otter and set it free in the nearby wetlands so that it could hook up with its mate again.  (They reckon it was one of the local breeding pair).

So never a dull day in SA!

I'll be posting more travel pics soon, Sea Fans so keep your eyes peeled.
Have a great weekend.
Abby }(*)8

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