Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fred and Ron

Hi Sea Fans!

I have to backtrack a little with my travels because I've gotten behind with my photos so this entry in my journal is all about  my visit with Ron and his friend Fred the Monkey in Washington State, USA.

Ron Hirschi, a fisheries biologist and children's book author, was shocked by the story of how albatross chicks were dying because their parents were feeding them plastic pieces that they had mistaken for squid and other fish.  He decided that Fred needed to teach everyone about the dangers of marine litter and what is happening to the albatross.  Fred has also been travelling around the world, visiting schools and doing beach and river clean-ups.  If you want to read more about his adventures, go to www.

Fred with 2 Breidablik girls.  He wears a leg band from an albatross that died from eating plastic.
Ron was nice enough to have me visit and he took me to see a bunch of cool kids at a school that is closing down.  It's so sad, because of money issues and the economy the way it is, these kids have to find a new school.  They're the kids from Breidablik School.

These kids worked with Ron for a year.  They collected thousands of bottle caps and used them in an outdoor mural that you can see in the photo above.  Rubbish collected from nearby beaches and recycled plastic bits and pieces were used to make the fish and other sealife in the mural that's attached to their playground fence.

Here you can see some of the kids with their works of art....a big red shark and a jellyfish!

So Sea Fans, why not do a beach clean-up at your local beach (or river if you live inland) with your school or homeschool buddies and make some cool art like these guys and girls?  Send me a pic if you do! (

Have a great week Sea Fans!
Chat soon.
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