Monday, August 26, 2013

Internet-inspired aquarium crafts

Hi Sea Fans!

I was surfing the web and realised that I haven't put any crafts on my blog for a while so I got all inspired by some of the stuff and thought I should share them with you:

Make your own robot from 
 Instead of the robot, why not make a fish?!  Lips, eyes, fins, scales..the list is endless, just make sure they have a magnet on the back and then they'll stick to the can.  Your own aquarium version of Mr Potato Head.
Glue painting from
 All you have to do is pour the salt onto the glue drawing and then drop food colouring over.  Rainbow-coloured jellyfish could work really nicely!
Stamps from
 These designs are drawn by you with a ballpoint pen onto foam and then the foam is stuck onto a piece of wood to make it into a stamp.  Fish, sharks, jellyfish, dolphins...anything you can draw!  If you're not much of an artist, photocopy a picture and place it face down onto the foam.  Use a cotton bud and spread nail polish remover over the entire back of the picture and when you lift the paper you'll see the design printed on the foam.  All you need to do then is to go over the lines with your ball point pen.
Twig heart from
 These are twigs/branches that were painted and then wired together in the shape of a heart.  The same concept could be used for a fish or maybe a jellyfish or octopus body and then you could make some cool dangly legs out of vines or another creeper's branches.  Fishy au-naturale!
Alphabet collection from
 Random items beginning with the letter in the box are collected and put inside that letter box here but why not make it a little more difficult and make it sea-themed?!  The items can be soft toys, magazine pictures, drawings or crafts.  eg. A - anemone (amigurumi is a fun way to learn how to crochet...look it up and you'll be hoooked.  If not, then get Mom or Gran to help), M - Mussel (Mom may have made a seafood dish for supper and you could keep the shell), S - Sand (beach sand is easy enough to collect)...
Splat monsters from
 These splats would look so cool as porcupine puffer fish.  Drop some watery paint onto the page and then use a straw to blow it into a splat...then decorate with wiggly eyes and add features like fins.  Glitter would add the wet look.
Personal puzzle from
Here, a booklet is made with a few different faces, bodies and legs and those are put together as see above.  Then you can make yourself into weird and wonderful creatures.  The same can be done for marine animals.  Use magazine cut-outs, pictures from the internet or get artistic and draw or paint them yourself (eg. penguin, seal, shark, fish, eel, seahorse) and then cut each picture into a head, body and tail/back end.  It's easier if you draw the body and tail parts because then you can make sure that the sections are the same size with pre-cut pieces of paper like the booklet above.  If you use internet or magazine pictures then you can play with this like a puzzle and won't make a booklet.  Either way, you can have some fun making original animals!  You can go one step further and decide on their habitat (where they live) and what climate they live in according to their bodies.  (Think ADAPTATIONS).

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