Thursday, January 30, 2014

Marine Discovery Centre in Henley, Australia

Hi Sea Fans!

Ok, so I'm getting another post in before the end of Jan - phew!  Tim from Henley, South Australia, invited me to come and see what they get up to and boy, was my visit an adventure.

They have Port Jackson sharks (very cool),
Photo: Richard Ling

seahorses, porcupine fish, trumpeters, bream and a blue devil from their local marine waters, River Murray Cod,
Photo: Codman at en.wikipedia

silver perch and yabbies (freshwater crayfish).

I got to try out their video-microscope which the learners use to look at beach combing items like crabs, Great White Shark teeth, seadragons, sea stars and much, much more.

I also tested their new interactive models which they design and develop themselves (very cool job!),
Go to to see more!!!

their Diving website game and I caught up with their awesome volunteers (Tim reckons they're the best in the world : )).

Thanks so much Tim, it's always so interesting seeing animals from another country.

Have a look at their website ( if you'd like to know more (I DEFINITELY recommend checking out their interactive models on the website) or if you'd just like to play some games:

Enjoy the weekend and chat soon Sea Fans!
}( *)8

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