Friday, June 6, 2014

Where's Wally?

Hi Sea Fans!

Ha ha ha...I'm sure you're wondering what on earth I'm on about with this heading! Well, Wally is the name of a seal...or should I say, a seal skeleton.  For those of you who remember, a few years ago, I spent many an hour putting this guy together:

And when he went on display, he was a hit!  Wally was put into a hagfish display as decor.  As time went by, Wally started to fall apart and not look his best, so he had to be removed for repairs.  What a response! People would ask about Wally as soon as they got to the hagfish tank.  This gave the education staff a great opportunity to talk about Wally and his family and friends.  Visitors would come asking about a skeleton and go away with stories of pollution and how seals are being rescued in the harbour from strangulation.  

[Aquarists go out every day to check on Wally's friends because, unfortunately, so many seals (and other sea life) end up getting tangled in our rubbish and often, a seal will pitch up with a plastic ring (those straps that are used to keep boxes closed) around its neck or flipper.  Aquarists then brave the chilly water and go and remove the strap...not exactly the safest exercise, but necessary.]

Kilos/pounds of plastic has been removed from seals over the years!  So sad.

Please Sea Fans, if you're walking along the beach and see rope, string or these plastic bands/rings, please pick it up and throw it away or at least open the plastic bands so that they don't form a ring anymore!!

I've been told that Wally may have a new with school groups in the classroom.  Oh well, maybe something more unusual will take the place of the hagfish decor, who knows.  

Have a great week Sea Fans and don't forget to visit your aquarium!

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