Friday, November 21, 2014

Junior diving

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I was asked the other day how old you need to be to dive.  Well, here's the long answer:

PADI - 8 years old+ - Skin diver
          - 8 years+ - There's a Bubblemaker course where you learn about and use scuba diving equipment and you get to take your first breath underwater.
         - 8 years+ - Seal Team is a course that can be taken to get an introduction to wreck, navigation, buoyancy, underwater photography, environmental awareness and more. Once you've learnt more, you get to go on Aqua Missions using your new skills.
         - 10 - 14 yrs - Junior Open Water: this certifies you as a diver but with age-related restrictions.
         - 12 - 14 yrs (all these have age-related restrictions)
                              - Junior Advanced Open Water
                              - Junior Rescue Diver
                              - Junior Master Scuba Diver
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NAUI - 5 years+ - Snorkelling for Kids of All Ages - no certification
           - 8 years+ - Junior Skin Diver
           - 10 years+ - Junior Scuba Diver
           - 12 years+ - Junior Advanced Scuba
          - 15 years+ - Master Scuba Diver

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