Tuesday, July 18, 2017

From coral babies to fish babies

Hi Sea Fans!

Last time I showed you the Discovery Reef at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, today I want to tell you more about Discovery Reef.

 The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium also wants to do their part for wild fish. Along with many other aquariums and research universities, CAZ runs a marine aquaculture project (breeding marine fish, many of which have specialized diets and habitats).  
A tank with fish that have been brought up at the aquarium. These fish can eventually go on display or be shipped to other aquariums. 
This project helps us all (aquarium people) to understand fish growth better as well as different ways of growing live foods 
These are copepods in the tubs, they are live food that is fed to the aquarium fish.

so that we don't have to keep taking from the wild.  This aquaculture project has allowed the zoo to work closely with the Rising Tide Conservation project. 

Rising Tide Conservation is a non-profit dedicated to the protection of coral reefs through sustainable aquaculture. The part of the Rising Tide Conservation mission statement that says it best: “We know that by sharing education, we can increase the amount of captive-bred species of marine ornamental fish available to aquarium hobbyists and reduce our impact on coral reefs.”

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