Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hi Sea Fans!

Keep a look out for me, I'll be at Herschel Girls' School tomorrow, Woodstock library next week Tues and Wynberg International School on 8 April!  Yes, talks can be arranged at your school.  The author, Heidi, will tell you all about me and what I get up to and show you some interesting goodies.  Contact Heidi at if you'd like to book her for an event at your school (teachers and parents to contact please).  Heidi also takes me to birthday parties if you'd like to do crafty things with a sea theme.

Enough of that though, I want to tell you about what happened at the aquarium this week.  It was Pirate Week!

As you can see, the staff all got dressed up as crew of the pirate ship - quite funny really, especially seeing as the penguins took to pulling at the outfits and stealing one of the aquarists' swords!  He really shouldn't have taken it into the enclosure with him but I guess he's learnt now not to take unnecessary loose items in with him.  The animals weren't only stealing OUR things, but the public's too!  The catfish managed to swallow a pair of glasses!  Someone was leaning over the tank and they fell in, so Bobcat (the catfish) promptly swam over and swallowed them thinking that they were food.  A hysterical volunteer came running up to me to tell me about it, but luckily another aquarist had seen it happen and reacted quickly.  A little bit of net movement in the water made Bobcat spit the glasses out - shew!  Please do me a favour - if you're in an aquarium, make sure that you don't wear your glasses on your head, don't put your hands in the water and don't drop or throw things in the water....and PLEASE don't bang on the windows.  We also had a few excited members of the public bashing the otter window to get them to wake up.  It's not nice to disturb the animals... AND they scratched the window with their jewellery.

So it was an eventful week once again.  Oh yes, a weird looking animal came in today too...I'll let you know what it is next time.

Have a great week Sea Fans.
}( *)8

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