Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interview with a pro

Hi Sea Fans!

It's a beautiful day and I love what I do so here is an interview with a professional in my field to tell you more about what goes on in the aquarium world:

Professional: Becs Smith

  1. What is your job? Assistant curator at Bristol Aquarium, UK.
  2. What did you study/do to get this kind of work? BSc Hons Marine Biology at Newcastle University.  I did a year and a half internship at Mote Marine Laboratory Florida working in their sea turtle exhibit.
  3. What do you do in a normal day? First thing I do is to check the systems and the fish.   I make sure that the exhibits are ready for the public.   I make a list of jobs for the team to do throughout the day,  have a meeting, sort out any problems, place any orders needed, do systems, backwashes, water changes, maintenance on pumps etc (if needed) and update record systems.
  4. What is the most interesting thing you've come across/experienced in your job? Setting up 2 aquariums from the beginning - Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and Bristol Aquarium - getting all the livestock in and seeing the end result.
  5. What is a not-so-nice thing about your job? Losing animals.
  6. What do you love about your job? Learning about new animals and making a great exhibit. Right now I am speding time on our coral display learning their requirements and geting it right.
  7. What would you say/recommend to kids who want to do what you do? Try and get as much experience as possible. Volunteer at the local aquarium or do an internship. Experience is what people look for, my internship got me my first job!
I hope you found that interesting, it's amazing how much goes on in an aquarium.  Keep an eye out for more interviews, I'll keep posting them inbetween the updates and stories.  Have a great week Sea Fans and for those of you in the southern hemisphere - enjoy the last bit of warmth before Winter sets in...diving is going to get colder! : )

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