Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Older posts - archive

Hi Sea Fans!

If you're wondering where some of the old posts are with the stories you enjoyed reading (or haven't read yet), don't worry, they're not gone forever.  I had to do a bit of a clean-up of my website so I've put a whole bunch of the older blog posts into a folder and if you'd like access to any of them, all you have to do is mail me at abby@telkomsa.net and I'll get the one you want to you ASAP!
Here's the list of what's been stored away:

         Abby does Malaysia - my trip to Malaysia
         At the printers - my first being printed
         Exciting news - the first public viewing of my book
         Facebook can really be amazing - FB, my website and my book
         Facebook page - I started on FB and got comments
         First Words - intro and piranhas
         Getting there - BBC LIFE DVD
         Gone to print - 1st book printed and Leafy Seadragon
         Honey Badgers and Be Mad Teens - Jhb Zoo, nudibranchs, sea hares
         It’s been a while - diving in Malaysia
         Junior diving - different SCUBA diving you can do and at what age
         Kids can help grown-ups too! - Elkanah Prep help me with my 1st book
         Laser cutting - how the craft kits are made
         Members get a sneak preview - Two Oceans Aquarium book preview
         Paul the octopus and other cephalopods
         Pipe cleaner penguins - how to make them
         Sleepover and escaped lungfish
         Sting from a stingray
         Things happen - an escaping octopus
         Lights, camera, action - camera crews in aquariums and what aquarists do
         Books, books, books and a huge stingray
         WhatalotIgot! - Cape Town Book Fair, Wild Carribean DVD, Dragonet, Mandarin fish, Frogfish
         Durban sunshine here I come - my visits around SA and getting into Canada
         SA blog award nominations
         Diving with seals
         Sharks, squid and starfish and Yebo
         How to publish a book
         Ho ho ho and the 5 Gyres team
         Christmas penguins - Christmas in the aquarium

Have a great week Sea Fans!
}( *)8

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