Monday, May 7, 2012

California Science Centre

Hi Sea Fans!

The Californian fun continues...this time I went to the California Science Centre in Los Angeles and got to see what the divers there get up to.

The first thing I got to do was chat to Phil and Gwen as they were getting ready to go into the Kelp Forest exhibit.  To qualify to dive they are certified as research divers and follow special procedures for the Science Center. As trained scuba divers they know that diving safely includes diving with a partner.  
Gwen and Phil posing for a photo with me before their dive.

Phil wore a special mask to be able to talk to the visitors from inside the tank. 
The divers' responsibilities vary.  That day Phil chatted with the visiting school students while Gwen cleaned up the rockwork.  
Gwen cleaning the rockwork.
It was interesting, the students wanted to know if it was dangerous to dive and if the divers were scared - I guess you would think it's scary if you've never experienced the amazing underwater world on SCUBA.  
I got to say hi to Gwen in her break.
After the school groups finished Gwen and Phil went back up topside to prepare for feeding.  Aquarist, Mark, brought out the food that was prepared ahead of time, and fed some of the schooling fish from the top of the exhibit.  Gwen hid vitamins in the food for the Trigger fish before going back in the water. 
The big fish in front of the diver is the Trigger.
Special containers are designed to make sure that the food is distributed properly  (spread out evenly).  Some of the methods used are: shakers, floats and feeding wands.
A float in action.
Many fish schooled around and ate from the float full of frozen shrimp. I've made ice buckets with frozen food attached to floats before and the fish just love it!  This is a good way to make sure that the food lasts in the tank for a while and everyone gets to eat, not just the big fish.

So, if you'd like to know more Sea Fans, you can visit the California Science Center website at and if you're curious about their kelp exhibit, you can check out YouTube:

How part of the Kelp Tank was made:

The Curator, Dr. Chuck, talking about the Kelp Exhibit (pre-opening):

a video about life support in ecosystems:

Curator, Dr. Chuck talking about the Kelp Tank specifically:

So have fun surfing the net Sea Fans and let me know if you have any questions or comments.  
Have a great week.
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