Monday, May 21, 2012


Hi Sea Fans!

So I've been thinking, with all my travels so far, I haven't managed to give you guys any crafty stuff lately.  I can't do that now, can I?  So here are some ideas for you to get creative:
Glass ball with decoration.
Why not have a Christmas in July party and decorate glass balls now (ready for Dec!).  Jellyfish and an octopus would be great decorations on these balls...maybe you could even try a fish and use the ball as the body and stick lips and fins on to make it look like a real puffer fish!

Penguin spoon puppet.
What about a puppet show using spoons?  This little penguin was so easy to make - a little bit of cardboard for wings, a little bit of felt for the beak and feet, and ring binder rings for the eyes.  So simple and you could come up with so many more animals and then build a playhouse out of a shoe box and put on a show!

Felt finger puppets.
If you don't like the spoon puppets, then how about felt finger puppets?  All you need is a strip of felt to make a ring around the tip of your finger and then an oval for the penguin body and small pieces for the details.  You can also make a fish shape, an octopus, a shark face, a turtle...the options are endless!

Recycling anyone?
Better yet, why not make something out of the recycle bin?  Bottles can also become fish, bottle caps can become playing pieces for a board game, plastic bags can be woven into placemats, old fishing line can be used to make necklaces and bracelets and ....there are so many possibilities, see what you can come up with and send me a photo of your idea at  Maybe your project will be featured on my blog!  Teachers, why not try this as a school project?

Happy crafting Sea Fans!
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