Thursday, June 14, 2012

Want to have fun on Father's Day?

Hi Sea Fans!

Whilst I wade through the photos I've been taking over the last few weeks in California and decide which the best ones are to show you, here's something I've been promising for a long time...the Abby Geocache!  For those of you who don't know what a geocache is, it's like a treasure hunt.

Get your dad (or the whole family) and a GPS, pack a picnic and a camera and get ready for some outdoor fun.  All you need to do is get your dad to show you how to work the GPS and you're "A for away".  I'll give GPS points and you need to find your way to them to discover the answers to the clues that I give. We'll start with the Cape Peninsula and then see how we go from there.  Here are your "In and around Cape Town" GPS points and clues:

S 34°02’57.0”
E 018°20’46.8”
Who are the world leading grazers?
Name 3 types of mussels found off this coastline.
Name the 5 West Coast Intertidal zones.

S 34°03’33.5”
E 018°22’04.2”
What kind of whale can you see here?
What kind of shape is it's blow and how high can it blow?
What does IWC stand for?

S 34°10’38.2”
E 018°20’40.0”
What number do you call to report poachers?
What are "no take areas"?
What does TMNP MPA stand for?

S 34°13’58.8”
E 018°28’26.6”
Is a permit needed to collect seaweed?
Who are the filter feeders in the infratidal zone?
What do MPA's protect?

S 34°11’45.0”
E 018°26’58.0”
Which penguin species are found here?
Where do you find Chinstrap Penguins?
Which penguins come from South America?

S 34°11’15.7”
E 018°25’34.7”
What kind of plants are used to create new foredunes?
Which 2 factors continually reshape the dunes? 
How is pollution monitored on sandy beaches?

S 34°09’24.3”
E 018°26’06.4”
Name 3 things baleen was used for in the past?
Name 3 fossil oil products that have replaced most whale products.
Name 2 predators of the baleen whale.

S 34°08’20.0”
E 018°25’55.4”
Which shark is protected in SA waters? 
Which shark can sense electrical signals better than all other sharks?
Explain the colours of the shark spotting flags:
Green flag 
-      Black flag 
-       Red flag
-    White flag 

S 34°07’45.0”
E 018°26’52.7”
Which fish species are threatened and why?
Name 3 deep sea fish found off this coastline.
Name 3 beach and estuarine fish found off this coastline.

S 34°06’29.5”
E 018°28’13.3”
How often does high tide occur in 1 day?
What causes tides?
When is the best time to explore the rock pools?

So come on Sea Fans, get Dad out and about for Father's Day and see what you can find.  Send your pics of each location and the answers to (before 17 July) and stand a chance to win an Abby hamper that includes the first two books of her adventures.

Enjoy it and chat soon.
}( *)8

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