Monday, June 18, 2012

SEA Lab in Redondo Beach

Hi Sea Fans!

I've got more interesting stuff to show you!  I also got to go to the SEA Lab in California. SEA Lab is a hands-on science centre that runs marine education programmes.  The SEA Lab is part of the Los Angeles Conservation Corps.  The Conservation Corps provides job skills training, education and work experience with an emphasis on conservation and service projects that benefit the community.

I just loved this mural outside the SEA Lab.
Seeing as I was an invited guest, one of the corps members, Chris, offered to take me to King Harbour to show me how to collect a sample with a plankton net...
A close-up of what the net looks like.

See the cup at the bottom?  That's what collects the plankton from the water and any extra water can just flow straight through the cone net.
Dragging the net through the water to collect a sample.
and then we went and checked the sample out under the microscope.  I'm starting to like the microscope more and never know what you're going to find in what seems like clear sea water!  (I also tried something different and put a strand of my hair under the microscope.  You HAVE to try this!!!  You won't believe how thick one strand can look.  I know this is disgusting, but a scab under the microscope is also really cool to look at!).

If you'd like to find out more about the corps or the SEA Lab, check out their website:

So Sea Fans, go and find the microscope at school and ask your teacher if you can look at a few things.  How about making your own plankton net and getting a sample from your local river or dam if you're not close to the sea?!  Have fun with it and we'll chat soon.  (Send me photos if you do go out with a net and do some sampling!

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