Thursday, June 14, 2012

University Discoveries

Hi Sea Fans!

Man, I've been having problems posting on my blog!  Let's hope this works...

So now that I've managed to sort through some of my photos, I can tell you more.  I got to visit Dr David Caron in his lab at the University of Southern California.  He studies harmful algae!

Dr Caron showed me some of the weird and wonderful things he looks ta every day under the microscope.
Here are some of the interesting organisms that Dr Caron gets to study:

The green picture is a picture of the organisms found in a red tide and the orange picture at the bottom is a mix of phytoplankton.  (Remember: Plankton is a huge number of small plants and animals that float in a big group in salt or fresh water.  The plant plankton is called phytoplankton and the animal plankton is called zooplankton).

Dr Caron and his students are figuring out what increases algal blooms (massive growth of tiny plant life) and the impacts of the blooms along the coast of Southern California.  11 science centres and aquariums are helping Dr Caron to monitor the algae.  Sounds odd, but check out the website to find out more:

Enjoy poking around the algae world Sea Fans, it's amazing what beautiful things can be found in the sea and you can only see them when you look through a microscope!

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