Monday, January 16, 2012

South African pitstop

Hi Sea Fans!

I'm just waiting for photos from my last stop in Alaska and then I can update you as to what went on there.  In the mean time, I thought I'd tell you a little about what I've been able to do here at home.  (I got to come back for a quick visit between Alaska and the US).

I'm not sure how many of you know Ed the Bear, but he's from the UK and he's been checking out the damage us humans have been doing to the oceans and marine life through littering (Google: The Adventures of Ed the Bear).  You won't believe the kinds of marine litter/rubbish there is on the beaches he's visited in the UK and the USA.  I chatted to him last year to find out more and in doing that, we got to know each other and decided to meet up. 

Ed and I discussing where I would take him in the Western Cape.
This means that I'll go and visit Ed in the UK and...Ed's come to SA for a visit!!  It's been so much fun, he's hardly been here and we've already been to the rock pools up at Grotto Bay to see what we could find in the rock pools (unfortunately, the sea mist came in so we didn't get to see much of a view and we couldn't go too far out onto the rocks)
Ed checking out the vegetation growin gon the rocks by the sea.

One of the cool plants that grow inbetween the rocks at Grotto Bay.

The pretty pink flowers that grow next to the rocks at Grotto Bay.

Ed checking out the view at Grotto Bay - or what there was left of it with all the mist.

Ed seeing what he could find in the rock pools.

You can only just make out the Cormorants on the rocks.

A minute crayfish tail that we found inbetween the rocks.
and on the beach. 

Me on Melkbos beach.
We've also been to the beaches nearby to check out what had washed up on the beach with the strong winds we had recently. (AARGH!  My camera is acting up!!!  I'll have to post pics later, it's just not working...maybe because it's so hot.)  We've still got an aquarium visit, SANCCOB (Seabird Rehab Centre) visit and lots more to come so keep an eye on my blog, I'll keep you up to date!

Have a great week Sea Fans!
}( *)8

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