Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dolphin Rescue

Hi Sea Fans! 

Bella and Ed are keeping me really busy!  We just took part in the EYE (Eco Young Engaged - like the South African version called Eco Schools) Project Summit which is a special project that includes all the school in Shoreham and nearby towns Worthing and Lancing.  

This event is a chance for the schools to celebrate what they've achieved, share ideas and learn more through workshops.  Steve ran a dolphin rescue workshop and Ed and I ran a stand to teach kids more about the local marine life.
This workshop dolphin has stranded because of plastic entanglement and now the kids have to figure out what first aid would need to be given to keep the dolphin alive until the rescue team arrive. 
During the workshops the children learned about dolphins and that sometimes they become stranded on the shore. A stranded dolphin can easily die from:
  • heat exhaustion (they get too hot when not in water)
  • gravity - the dolphins own body weight (when not supported by water can crush its organs such as its lungs and heart), and 
  • other problems that the children had to learn about before they could plan their rescue.
We soon found out that the kids would be able to keep a real dolphin alive until the rescue team arrives - no problem!

After the EYE Summit, Ed the Bear showed me the beach where he lives. 
The beach is a nature reserve because of the rare vegetated shingle habitat – special plants that grow in the pebbles. They can survive with little water, no soil and survive the strong winds, hot sun and salty sea spray.

Although Steve and the nature reserve team help to look after the plants and wildlife, they were concerned about how global issues such as climate change, sea level rise, increase in storms and other issues might affect this beach. This is why Ed started his global travels to visit scientists to find out what they know about the ocean and the damage humans are doing to the ocean.

It's so pretty here, it's such a pity that pollution of all sorts keeps landing up in places like this.  Please Sea Fans, pick up litter and use your trash/rubbish/garbage bins!

Have a great week and chat soon.
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