Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ed and Bella 2

Hi Sea Fans!

I'm visiting Ed the bear for a while so we're getting up to all sorts of things!  My last post was all about the World Oceans Day display that I helped Ed with.  I've found a few more pics, so here we are:
I stopped by the Friends of Shoreham Beach display where kids were amazed at seeing a real lobster.  This display was all about rare beach plants and wildlife as well as litter on the beach.
The Sussex Wildlife Trust brought "Claws" the hermit crab with them to teach everyone more about marine life.
We spoke to loads of people and saw so many nice displays that people had put so much time and effort into.  I loved reading what they had to say, especially seeing that my knowledge of UK marine life is not that extensive (I don't know much about it).

What an exciting and busy day!  Thanks to Steve, Ed and Bella (Ed's sister who is teaching people how valuable freshwater is to us and to nature) for taking me with, I had a blast.

Have a great week Sea Fans and I'll chat soon.
}( *)8

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